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A native of the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, NY, Jack Newcastle attributes his lifelong interest in mid-20th Century culture to his nearly ritualistic after-school viewings of television and film of that era. Through the courtesy of local broadcasters, it was on a daily basis that he was presented with fast-talking dames of 

"New York's a big city. Incredibly huge. Till you try to date two women at once."

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"I told my dentist that I brush twice a day, but I was lying through my teeth."

"Americans seem to think their lives will be incomplete until someone hands then an oversized novelty check.

the 40s, British buffoons of the 50s, and well-dressed but rather inept playboys of the 60s, all of them occupying a world he thought far more appealing than the one outside his 1970s window.

It is only after a long stretch of writing songs and performing with noisy pop bands that he took to writing fiction, with The Fine Art of Mixing Girls being his first novel. He lists British literary giants Kingsley Amis, Graham Greene, and Anthony Burgess as his primary influences, and yet to this day he maintains that the 1960s situation comedy Green Acres is brilliant theatre of the absurd. With his cat, he still resides in the city that used to be New York. 

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"The problem with dating these days is that everyone puts less thought into their relationships than they do their next tattoo."

"I once dated a girl who worked in a medical lab. I wasn't crazy about her hips, but her waste was infectious."

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