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A Highball Comedy of Manners!

This is New York, 1953. The newsrooms are filled with clatter of typewriters, and over the airwaves comes the crackle of live television. It's a city of of dance halls, arcades, theatres, burlesques halls, bars, lounges, and cafes. Orchestras play. Chanteuses sing. It's the city of The Stork, The Copa, El Morocco, and Versailles.  And on an eastside corner, a Checker comes to a halt. This is Club Cairo, home base for Daily Mail columnist Roosevelt P. Lane, and with him tonight is Haley Molloy, a stunning redhead who also happens to be America’s latest heartthrob.  The hapless entertainment columnist for the Daily Mail knows he should feel lucky, because Haley's the greatest girl he’s ever met, but he also knows that there unfortunately comes a time when every girl crosses the line from lover to liability, and now Roosevelt has to decide on which side she stands. 

The Fine Art of Mixing Girls is a highball comedy of manners, its pages rippling with characters straight out of old New York. Follow Roosevelt P. Lane as he zig-zags the city, scribbling his column in the backs of cabs while coming up against hustlers, con-men, beatniks, debutantes, bluebloods, backroom philosophers, and wise-cracking women, all of whom seem hell-bent on complicating his life as he sorts out 

The Fine Art of Mixing Girls

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not only own his romance, but that of his friend, publishing magnate Harry Wickes. Is Harry's wife running around with this unkempt artist? Is Philip Westerbrook trying to steal his own girl? And what about the lovely and erudite Miss Bannerman, whose politics just might spell the end of his career? In The Fine Art of Mixing Girls, we find it's all enough to drive a man to drink.