With My Tail in the Air

Poor Josh Jenkins. Being at the bottom rung of the corporate ladder, he knows the girl of his dreams is way out of reach. Yet, that's about to change as the self-admitted schnook, schmuck, and shmeggege begins to take on the traits and personality of a certain little fellow who has finagled his way into the apartment. 

Written in response to charge that it's odd for a man to keep a cat, With My Tail in Air  is the perfect read for all cool cats, hepcats, daddy-os, greasers, swingers, playboys, jazzheads, and eggheads, or anyone who wants to be one. 

​​​​The Illustrated Story of A Man, A Girl, and His Cat! 

With My Tail in the Air is currently in pre-production.

Please revisit this page in a few weeks, when sample panels will be available.